Yes, in fact we recommend for clients who experience sensitivity to the adhesive to immediately give their lashes a lash bath right after their appointment.

Can I get my extensions wet?

We do not recommend applying mascara on lash extensions, not only can this cause premature shedding, it clumps the extensions together and can be very difficult to remove. If mascara residue is built up in the extensions the adhesive is not able to bond properly to the natural lash which can cause poor retention.

Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?

The lash artist will consult with each new client to better understand the look they would like to achieve. All questions and concerns should be addressed at this time. After the consultation the client will lay down on a comfortable bed with their eyes closed throughout the entire service. Most find this process to be very relaxing, similar to a spa like service.

What is the process of lash extensions? 

lash extensions

Frequently Asked Questions


WATER BASED ONLY makeup remover may be used on and around the eye area- we highly recommend Borboleta Beauty’s formula. Eye makeup removers are often oil based. Oil will break down the adhesive used to place and attach lash extensions. If you are using an oil cleanser for the rest of your face, avoid getting any on or around your eye area/eyelashes.

Can I use makeup remover on my eyes?

Eyelash extensions shed with your natural lash cycle. Lash refill services are recommended to be done every 2-4 weeks depending on the individual to maintain a full appearance.

How often should I get my extensions filled?

Please arrive to your appointment with a completely clean eye area. Clean lashes and eye area with a water based cleanser removing all makeup, eye creams, and moisturizers. Any residue of these products will affect the adhesive bonding from the extension to the natural lash. It is also recommended to avoid caffeine prior to your lash appointment. Fluttery eyes can cause the eye to open slightly, which can be irritating due to the fumes of the adhesive. Save the coffee for after your lash nap.

What should I do upon arrival?

Yes, lash serum can still be applied to the lash line while having extensions on. Please wait to apply 24 hours after your appointment.

Can I use lash serum with extensions?

The use of mechanical eyelash curlers is not recommended to be used on lash extensions. The adhesive bond between the extension and natural could be disrupted resulting in breakage or falling out.

Can I use an eyelash curler on my extensions?

Keeping your extensions clean is vital in lash upkeep. Properly cleansing your lashes and the eye area will only benefit the longevity of your extensions. Eyelashes are a natural defense shield for your eyes, protecting them from dead skin, dust, pollutants, and other particles. This accumulates on natural lashes and can also occur on your extensions. Properly cleansing your lashes everyday will eliminate build up and will prevent the adhesive on lash extensions from breaking down.

Should I wash my lashes?



Please avoid getting lashes wet for the first 24 hours following lash lift and tint. Avoid directly washing lashes/ eye area, exercise that will cause excessive sweating, swimming, saunas, and steam rooms.  

Do NOT use an eyelash curler or WATERPROOF mascara throughout the entire duration of this services’ effects, about 6-8 weeks. A mechanical eyelash curler and/or waterproof mascara could break your lashes during this time.

What is the aftercare for lash lift + tint?

The client will lay on a comfortable bed with their eyes closed throughout the entire process of this service. This is a multi step process including application of product, wait time, and removal of products.  

What is the process for lash lift and tint?

lash lift + tint

This service is considered safe for pregnant and nursing women but always consult with your physician before having any chemical services performed. Please keep in mind that hormones associated with pregnancy and nursing could inhibit your brow hairs from reacting to the chemical process.

Is this safe for pregnant or nursing women?

Please understand that the first 24 hours after this service your brows will be darker in color and will look “greasy”. The rejuvenating cream that is left on brows is a deep conditioner that does have a greasy/shiny appearance. This will only last for 24 hours until you can cleanse your brow area. Please plan this service around any events you may have coming up.

How will my brows look after lamination?

This is a relaxing spa like service. The client lies on a massage table throughout the entire multi-step process. Each product applied requires a certain amount of wait time. The chemical reaction that takes place on brow hairs requires heat and a thin layer of cellophane is placed on the eyebrows and forehead area. After the brows are lifted they will be shaped and tinted with the proper color match. Finally, a rejuvenating treatment is left on the brows.

What is the process for brow lamination? 

Brow lamination + Tint


Please do not get brows wet for 24 hours. Avoid direct cleansing on eyebrow area, swimming, steam rooms, and exercise that causes excess sweating. After 24 hours you may resume your daily routines.
Because brow lamination is a chemical process it is vital that you keep your brows conditioned in between treatments. This involves using a small amount of 100% castor oil that is brushed on the brows at night time. We provide aftercare kits for you to take home. 

*Avoid retinal two weeks before and two week prior to lamination*

What are aftercare instructions?

Yes, however, these services combined are not recommended due to the drying effects of henna and the chemical process of lamination. If you prefer henna dye on your brows please allow 2-3 weeks separation between henna dye and lamination services.

Can I have brow lamination if I have had henna dye on my brows?

  • Anyone who is currently undergoing chemotherapy CANNOT have this service and should wait at least 6 months post treatment before considering brow lamination + tint. As always, please consult with your physician prior to making an appointment.
  • Anyone taking ACCUTANE (ISOTRETINOIN) CANNOT have this service performed due to the skin’s highly sensitive condition during treatment of this drug. Anyone on this drug CANNOT have any waxing services performed either. Please wait 6 months post treatment and consult with your physician before making an appointment.
  • Anyone with cystic acne on or around the brow area should not have this service performed until conditions clear up.
  • Anyone who has had a professional peel should wait until the skin has healed/stopped shedding from treatment before having brow lamination + tint done.  
  • Facials SHOULD NOT be performed on the same day as brow lamination. At least 24 hours should be separated between these services due to open pores and chemical interactions.

If you're unsure if you are able to get brow lamination, we would be happy to discuss with you about your options!

Is there anyone who SHOULD NOT have brow lamination + tint services done?